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Australian UFO Research Association


The Australian UFO Research Association (AURA), was formed in Adelaide in 2002, and consists of a small, private, group of South Australian researchers who are dedicated to the investigation, research and study of all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Members of the group meet periodically, to discuss current cases, new books, internet sources etc. However, there is no public membership.

AURA hold periodical public seminars. Its next one will be held on Saturday 19 May 2012 and feature a number of interstate speakers. 

More details will be announced early in 2012.

Mission statement:

1. To collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information about Australian UFO reports and UFO research.

2. To undertake such research into the UFO phenomenon in a professional, efficient and effective manner.

3. To ascertain what knowledge of the UFO phenomenon may not currently be in the public domain, and seek to document and disseminate this information to interested parties.


Strategies for Aim 1

1. To actively participate in the Australian UFO Research Network Hotline reports system.

2. To publish details on investigated UFO reports via the media and UFO research outlets.

3. To preserve/archive documentation on Australian UFO cases and provide access to relevant UFO researchers and media representatives.

Strategies for Aim 2

1. Maintain a small network of seriously minded individuals who work in a professional manner

utilising a business model.

2. Seek funding for such research.

3. Provide assistance to other researchers who have limited resources.

Strategies for Aim 3

1. Document the existing holdings of Australian UFO groups, individual researchers, private and government organizations.

2. Seek to ascertain knowledge of the UFO phenomenon not currently in the public domain by a variety of means.

3. Document and disseminate this knowledge to interested parties.


Disclosure Australia Project:


Between 2003 and 2008 AURA undertook a major research project, locating, examining and documenting Australian government UFO files. The project findings may be viewed at:

To contact AURA:

Postal: PO Box 1045, Pasadena, South Australia, 5042.

Telephone: 04 222 78 103

Email: [email protected]