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David Reneke - Astronomy

stronomy Lecturer – Writer – Educator – Speaker- – Broadcaster- Author – Presenter – Outreach Programs – Sky Tours


VUFOA is delighted to announce that we have teamed up with one of Australia's leading Astronomers David Reneke. David is deicated to bringing you all the latest from the field of Astronomy, we encourage you to visit his website and his Facebook page. David presents lots of interesting information on astronomy and together we are proud to present a balanced and sensible view of the subject of UFOs. Welcome to VUFOA David, we are pleased to be working with you!


David Reneke | Space and Astronomy News | Space News, Astronomy News, Telescopes,...


Space News, Astronomy News, Telescopes, Astrophotography, UFOs

Visit Dave's great Webpage

2016 Solar Eclipse Expedition Cruise – Book Now!

Special Guest Astronomer – David Reneke

We are excited to announce that David Reneke, one of Australia’s most well-known and respected amateur astronomers and presenters, will be our Special Guest Lecturer on this unforgettable expedition.David, has over 40 years experience in astronomy with links to some of the world’s leading astronomical institutions. David is the Editor for Australia’s Astro-Space News Magazine and is now affiliated as a writer and publicist for the prestigious Australasian Science magazine.

David teaches astronomy at college level, is an invited speaker at astronomy conventions throughout Australia, a feature writer for major Australian newspapers, and is a science correspondent for ABC and commercial radio stations. In these weekly radio interviews David regularly appears on over 60 networked stations across Australia with all the latest news and on general astronomy and space discovery issues.

David’s audience numbers around 4 million listeners weekly! Throughout the expedition David will present a series of interesting astronomy lectures, lead star gazing in the evening and of course provide expert commentary throughout the morning of the eclipse.

Join Astro Dave on the 2016 Solar Indonesia Cruise