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Melton Victoria 1983 - UFOs Buzz Town for 5 Hours

Source (The National Enquirer, Nov.29, 1983- p11) & NICAP

Two dazzling UFOs flew rings around a town, buzzing an important army base and a shopping center and astonishing nine policemen who witnessed the predawn spectacle.

The incredible five-hour display - vividly described in official police reports - occurred last July 22 over the tiny Melbourne, Australia, suburb of Melton.


"This certainly has changed my opinion about UFOs. I was skeptical -- but there's obviously something coming out of space, said Police Constable Peter Ferguson, 

one of the officers who saw the bizarre craft.

And a Royal Australian Air Force spokesman added: "There's no doubt at all that the police saw something - and it didn't conform to what aircraft look like or sound like."

Constable Ferguson and his partner, Senior Constable Raymond Ellens, reported that at 12:40 a.m. they spotted "a bright light in the sky which appeared to be stationary over the center of town.”

Then the object started moving and hovered at the low altitude of 200 feet over a shopping mall, where the officers got a good look at it in the beam of the searchlight on their patrol ear.

"Its tail section was of tubular framework construction with a fin at the tail," Ferguson said in his report.


"It had two bright white lights at the front and a single red light at the rear. It made a low-pitched humming sound quite different from a helicopter or airplane engine."

The UFO appeared and disappeared repeatedly over a period of hours -- and was seen by some nine policemen, said Ferguson.


At 5:45 a.m. the two constables spotted the second spacecraft.

"It was different," the officers reported. "It was gun­metal gray, not shiny, and had no windows, doors or lines we could see. It looked like a very large rubber life raft -- 30 feet long and about 20 feet wide.

"It had white lights at the front and rear and a flashing red light in the center. It appeared to be traveling about 50 mph"


This second craft zipped over the Australian Army's Rockbank communications center - aiming directly at a bank of antennas.

"If it (had) continued on its path, a collision would have occurred -- but the object swept away to the north," Ferguson declared.


The two constables said the UFOs made counter­clockwise sweeps over Melton at altitudes of from 200 to 1,500 feet.

Australian UFO expert John Auchetti, a researcher for Victoria UFO Research Society, told The ENQUIRER he's studied the officers' encounter in detail and came away impressed.

"It's an absolutely astonishing account - and it comes from extremely reliable people," he said.