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Pine Gap, Australia

Pine Gap, Australia

Did Gough Whitlam get to close?

What really goes on behind closed doors?

Back in 1972, the Labor party was voted into power using its strong election jingle “It’s Time”, back then there was a sense of political fresh fair air about Australia. Unfortunately not everyone saw it the same way, America’s uneasy acceptance of these changes was to prove more than just an observance. It was a known fact the Labor Party did not see America as flavour of the month, America’s request for Australia to support the war in Vietnam during the late 1960’s was not on the Labor Party agenda. America saw the Labor Party for what was their campaign slogan “Its Time for Change”

Established in 1967 while the Liberal Party was the government of the day, Pine Gap in Australia’s Arad Northern Territory was a top secret U.S base. There were 200 American personnel working at this base and as Gough was to learn, even he as Prime Minister not only had no idea what it was for, he was unable to find out. Pine Gap only shared information that was considered “no risk data” and defended its position on the releasing information they gathered to ASIO (Australian Secret Intelligent Organisation)

After the election loss in 1972 the Liberal party constantly showed its distaste for being the opposition and wanted Labor out of power at any cost. They progressively investigated and hunted out what Labor were doing; they struck gold with the Khemlani loans affair, which involved loans to the Government in exchange for guns.

Secret companies were set up around the world to operate these illegal practices. Although it was never proven, Khemlani was definitely connected to

a man by the name of Edwin P Wilson, CIA Agent.

The question that needs to be answered, was the CIA involved in an illegal Gun Trade business and what was there any involvement with the Australian Government? Head of the South East Asia Regional office for the CIA was Ted Shackley, he also had responsibility for Australia and that meant Pine Gap.

As the year 1975 progressed there were back room deals and secret moves being plotted to overthrow the might of the Labor party which was at the time headed up by the bull sniffing Gough Whitlam. Although a very intelligent giant of a man, even he could not see what was to come. What was the real motive for getting rid of Gough, did he get too close, it is well documented he wanted more information on what Pine Gap were doing.

If Pine Gap is an alien base, is it another area 51? Why was the US Government so hell bent on getting rid of Labor. An American from the US government, Richard Lee Stallings was put in charge of supervising the creation of Pine Gap during the 1960’s. His stay in Australia was secretive and aloof, and not much is known about this time.

In 1975 the Labor party was now in government and while the argument for the liberal party to pass the Budget still reigned, it was clear if it was refused then the Government of the day would effectively have no money to run the country.


While this dilemma raged in the halls of parliament, Gough Whitlam became more suspicious of who was actually running Pine Gap. He asked the Foreign Affairs Dept for information on Stallings; he wanted to know if he was CIA. The FAD reported back they had nothing on him; Gough was still unconvinced and summons his Defence Chief, Sir Arthur Tange.

Gough got his smoking gun; Stallings name was on a Deep Cover list and was effectively shown to be CIA. It was also discovered while in Australia he stayed with the Doug Anthony (National Country Party, Deputy Prime minister at the time Pine Gap was built.)

Late in 1975 Gough Whitlam went to the public and announced his findings, this was quickly backed up by The Australian Financial review, who also reported his stay with Mr Anthony and that he was definitely CIA. He had effectively shown a link between opposition parties and the CIA.

The very next day President Gerald Ford received a message from the U.S State Dept in Canberra that the Australian Foreign Affairs and Defence dept would welcome a statement that there was no involvement of the CIA with Australian political Parties. Whitlam was un-phased by the statement and pressed on. He announced the CIA were also secretly funding opposition parties in an attempt to help oust Labor. That very day CIA Chief William Colby was fired by Ford and replaced by George Bush Snr.

It now came down to he said she said and the Prime Minister’s and the Government’s credibility was on the line. The opposition and the public wanted evidence, unfortunately if Labor provided this evidence then it would prove the U.S had been lying about CIA involvement in Australian Politics.

And so it came to pass, the Bill for release of the budget was not passed and on November 11th 1975 the Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor General, Sir John Kerr issued a short statement to officially sacking the Government of the day. The next four weeks Whitlam chanted to be re-elected however on the thirteenth of December 1975, Malcolm Fraser and his conservatives were elected to govern the country. Mr Whitlam and the Labor party learned a lot about what goes on behind closed doors and secret black budget departments controlling governments that appear to be a threat to their very existence.

Many years have passed since those heavy days and Pine Gap remains Australia’s greatest secret and target to its enemies. Since then there have been many sightings of UFO’s in and around the region where Pine Gap resides. Obviously there are many stories about what is going on there but as usual none of it can be proven. Today it is said there are around 400 people working there, it apparently has nine levels underground and contains a nuclear reactor. If a nuclear reactor is in operation at Pine Gap then it runs independent of any other power source, this is a significant advantage. As it provides endless amounts of energy for whatever uses they require.

Pine gap claim to run from a nearby Diesel generation station however this is constantly turned off, doesn’t this seem just a little strange. Pine Gap is connected with many government agencies but the most interesting one of them all is the Australian Government department known as Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) which handles reported cases involving UFO’s and crash retrievals.

Pine Gap hugs the surrounding hills and is totally surround by a double security fence, this is patrolled by U.S guards and members of the Australian Federal police. A sighting in 1989 by three hunters publically announced they had seen a disc shaped craft exit via a door that opened in the side of the nearby hills. In 1984 a government worker for the Western Australian government had heard about so many stories surrounding the secret base he decided with four others to mount an expedition to the region. They witnessed five white objects in the sky and noticed pencil beams of lights coming from the base.

Are they housing aliens at the base and what technology do they really have there? 

There have been so many stories about Pine Gap, you have to wonder is 

Pine Gap another Area 51?

Report By: Andrew Arnold.

Main extracts for this report was researched from the following resources:

Mother Jones Magazine edition year 1984

The Mystery of Pine Gap by Whitley Streiber 7th Oct 2002

Channel 10 Special - Conspiracys