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The UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia was established in 2000 as the UFO Society of Western Sydney. By 2006, the Society was conducting a multi-disciplinary approach covering everything possible under the Paranormal banner. Public meetings are held on a monthly basis at the Campbelltown Arts Centre (Corner of Queen street and Camden Road, Campbelltown) opposite Quandong information centre, starting from 7 pm and concluding at 10 pm.

The society was established to provide the public with information relating to paranormal phenomena. The society beckons the public to forward their own accounts of anything that seems bizarre or unusual so as to defy logic!

Public meetings also provide an environment where people can talk openly without fear of ridicule. It is unfortunate that people who have experienced various forms of paranormal encounters are unable to share their experiences with friends or family members without being labelled. Thus an open forum is provided at each meeting for the audience. However, should the individual/s feel uncomfortable with this option, a one-on-one meeting can be arranged with one of our investigators.

At meetings, RACE (Research of Australian Close Encounters) and PR2D (Paranormal Research Second Division) provides reports/outcomes of any research, studies and expeditions. These reports are also published in a bimonthly journal The Phenomenon Times.


Research of Australian Close Encounters is the first research division of the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia. The group is actively involved in a number of close encounter related projects in Sydney's Northern Beaches, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Western Sydney. The group is not restricted to these areas but due to the overwhelming amount of reports over the years, RACE have assigned to conduct regular night watches/surveys in the abovementioned regions for a better understanding of the UFO phenomenon.

The primary objectives of our research are:


To document and report potential unidentified phenomena

Respond to reported sightings

Conduct field investigations

Seek physical trace evidence

Investigate abduction cases

Research of Australian Close Encounters

NSW close encounter early data reports

RACE have also embarked on a number of expeditions into the Blue Mountains (Kanangra Boyd, Jamison Valley and Burragorang regions), 

Western Tablelands and South Coast.

The essence of our work has been achieved by the commitment of our team members over the years.

The group has acquired a number of instruments to assist and improve research methods. RACE is planning to increase assets (equipment portfolio) over the coming years in order to provide more results. Since the group is a non-profitable organisation, all projects rely on funding. For sponsorship arrangements and the development of future projects, please email us [email protected]

Results of our expeditions, night surveys and other research are generally published in the bimonthly journal The Phenomenon Times, web site and presented at UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia public meetings.

UFO sightings can be reported at our sightings report page.

Paranormal Research,

2nd Division

This division has been initiated to study and research paranormal circumstance which, for whatever reason, is considered outside mainstream scientific investigation or academic countenance. The survival theory (survival of the human consciousness after physical death), Psychic abilities, Crypto zoology, unknown or undiscovered species, Thought transference and bizarre circumstances for which there is no apparent explanation. This is done by investigating locations where paranormal activities have been reported to have occurred and by interviewing the witnesses involved.

UFO-PRSA Contactee Support Group

This service has been established to support people suffering post traumatic shock as a result of unusual experiences (psychic, transcendental, abduction experiences, supernatural etc). It is unfortunate that only a handful of similar organisations exist with in Australia, where the need for such services is so high.