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Welcome to UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated

(ABN 47 722 596 856)

Our non-profit association has been supporting the Australian UFO Research community since 1991

We welcome those interested in the field of UFOs and extra-terrestrials to become members and attend our monthly public meetings. 

In addition, members may nominate to join the executive committee at the annual general meeting.


Our association aims to promote a greater understanding of the UFO phenomenon. To investigate and research UFOs with a developed, logical and structured approach. Individual areas of interest are encouraged but not specifically promoted. (This might exclude such 'new age' subjects as channelling, contactees, new science many of which are already well catered for by other organisations in Sydney)


UFO Research (New South Wales) was re-formed at a public meeting on 10 November 1991 with an interim committee to speed the development of a public-sponsored UFO investigation organisation in New South Wales. Similar groups had been allowed to fragment and lapse in the mid 1980s after a period of discord amongst investigators.

On the 26 April 2007 UFO Research (NSW) became an Incorporated (Inc) Association (INC9887379) under the New South Wales (NSW) Government, Australia, 'Associations Incorporation Act 1984'. Our association is governed by the rules that comply with Section 11 of this Act and are documented in our constitution (168 kB PDF document). The Act is administered in NSW by the Office of Fair Trading. This incorporation offers benefits to our members and has required us to change some aspects of our operation and in particular to the approval process for new members. Under the tax legislation in Australia the association is classified as a non-profit company. Non-profit companies have special rates of income tax and special arrangements for lodging income tax returns as documented in the Australian Tax Office Guide NAT 7967.