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Current list reported to Vufoa

Reported Sightings to VUFOA

VUFOA believes in RESPONSIBLE reporting of UFO events, and we receive reports from across Victoria weekly. Below we present some of the cases that have come to us. It is important to note that VUFOA is presenting to you our members what witnesses have presented to us and our investigations are on going. We make no claims as to what these objects are - other than to present them to you for your viewing and for you to be the judge.

 LOCATION: Central Victoria

Witness stepped outside into his back yard and noticed, due south in the sky a black V shaped object, clearly in the sky.

The witness though it was an eagle at first, as he stared he noticed another black V shaped object, close to the first. The objects were travelling South to West; there was no bird like movement, the objects travelled steadily and given the size of the objects, the witness reasoned they were much larger than eagles.

. The witness observed a silver “flash” in the sky in the region of the two V shaped objects and two more V shaped objects appeared. This was followed by another “flash” two more appeared,

and another “flash” two more appeared , making a total of eight black V shaped objects in the sky. The objects interacted together in an intelligent manner, cycling around each other.

The witness went inside to grab his phone to take a photo, as he returned outside, the objects rapidly disappeared together towards the west. The objects were silent and the witness was most perplexed by the flashes and multiple objects appearing in pairs suddenly and moving off rapidly as a group. The witness described himself as being “transfixed” as he watched the unusual objects

whose appearance and behaviour was unlike anything the witness had seen before. The aerial display was intelligent and the “silver flash” sudden appearance stunned the witness, who reported his sighting immediately.

 VUFOA has confirmed there was no known air traffic in the area at that time military or civilian.

 Location: Central Victoria

A couple were camping at a popular location, north of Melbourne, and had settled in for the evening around their camp fire when one of them, had to go to the car, as the witness approached the car the witness noticed a row of purple lights hovering silently in the air, at low altitude above the trees, casting a purple glow over the immediate area it floated above.

The witness called to their partner, “ Hey, come and look at this!” and they both observed the object together., questioning what it might be.

The couple were stunned by what they had unexpectantly witnessed. They described the sensation of” being observed by the object and that once it noticed that we had detected its presence, it


had taken evasive action; it seemed to be intent on close exploration of the ground and trees, and us!”

The witnesses felt curious about the encounter, and that the object was not threatening in any way, the whole encounter was descried as “incredible”and the object moved in an intelligently controlled manner and flew very fast and with great precision. Its speed was so fast that the witnesses felt that human occupants would have been crushed by the G forces of the movement and the stops were sudden. The object could go from a dead stopped position to blindingly fast with no apparent acceleration to reach “top speed” . The witnesses were fascinated that an object could move with absolutely no sound, and take off at such an awesome speed.

Location: Mornington Peninsula

The witness was staying at a holiday house, and had settled in to bed to do some reading before turning out the light for the evening, at approximately 11-11.30pm. The witness had a radio next to the bed that was on, with late-night music playing. The witnesses cat also sat on the bed, contently next to the witness. The witness described that they had heavy block out curtains on the windows that were drawn at the time.

As the witness was reading, the trees out side suddenly rustling vigorously and the radio suddenly turned to static, the witness was puzzled at this, then a bright white light suddenly pierced through the curtains and was blindingly bright. The cat leaped of the bed and bolted from the room in sudden panic. The witness got out of bed and moved towards the curtains. The witness reached out with a trembling hand and slowly drew the curtain back and peered out the window.

Hovering low above the house was a huge pulsating red ball, the size of an adult gum tree. Enimating from the ball was the blinding white light, which had entered the bedroom; the light lit up the entire yard and house. As the witness observed the object, it lifted up and moved off in a westerly direction. The witness was very shaken by this unexpected event. The next morning the witness noticed that the clock in the house had stopped: at the time of the encounter, and was not working. Outside a tree was split in half….

Location: Narre Warren Victoria

The witness was awoken at 2am by a blinding light shining into the bedroom. The witness looked out the window and saw a large row of 6 large, round blue /white lights, , shining through nearby trees in a reserve area hovering low in nearby parkland with a medium sized pond. The object was silent and lit up the area, shining brightly on the trees, reflecting long shadows through the trees..

The witness was transfixed by the object and its amazing light which was unlike any the witness had ever experienced before, a quality of light that was like no search light, or aircraft light. The bed room was lit up like daylight and the row of large round lights sat steadily in the air, not moving at all . The witness could not move easily due to disability, and could not move from the bedroom, to go outside to observe the object at closer range. The lights were in no hurry to leave and hovered there for about a half an hour. The witness was elderly, and reluctant to report the sighting to carers for fear of not being believed , or thought of as “crazy”.

The witness watched the lights in stunned amazement, as the object lifted up slowly at first, above the trees, the lights shining brightly, and disappeared quickly straight up into the air……

The lights where very similar in appearance to the 1993 Kelly Cahill Case lights, the only difference being the colour of the light. The object appeared to be transfixed on something and the best theory is the water in the medium sized pond, may have been its interest, as the pond was hidden by the trees in the reserve and the object was above the open clear area of the pond. The object hovered in this area for some time and was below tree height at its lowest point.

Narre Warren is an area of Melbourne where UFO sightings are common, and the area is a known hot spot, also close by are the Dandenong mountain range and Lysterfield Lake another area of UFO reports, our interest in the Narre Warren area is strong and we will bring you more sightings from this area.

Location: Central Victoria

This case is from a witness who has experienced numerous encounters with UFOS during their lifetime, including missing time and this particular encounter, which occurred in the small hours one evening, during late spring. The witness had spent the evening alone , the witnesses partner was away with work and decided to go to bed at the normal time and went to sleep.

The witness was woken shortly after 1am. Immediately sitting upright the witness could hear heavy cluttering on her tin roof. The witness knew it wasn't possums, as the witness knew what they sounded like and had a tree branch removed so they didn't have access to it anymore. The witness sat listening to the noise, and could hear, foot steps on the roof, moving around, and listened with increasing fear as the sound continued all over her roof.

Based on previous encounters, the witness knew that it was her visitors( and a number of them) on the roof. The witness went to the veranda at the back of the house expecting to catch them but found nothing and was too afraid to venture away from the immediate veranda area.

The witness went back to bed but naturally was quite disturbed by the noise on her roof and found it difficult getting back to sleep. After a restless nights sleep the witness awoke and noticed nothing strange, until the witness went to use the car.

The witness noticed, just clear of her house area a 30ft diameter indentation in the driveway. The mark was raised and distinctly different to the car tracks which typically covered the area. This was the beginning of several incidents, over the next few months, which occurred two more times where the photo's were taken.

VUFOA is in contact with this witness and an ongoing investigation is continuing and we will bring you more details, from what is claims of a complex pattern of alien interaction through out the witnesses life time. At this time VUFOA is not drawing conclusions, but will share what is presented to us with this audience. The full investigation will be revealed here on our website when our Investigation team has concluded their interviews with the Primary and supporting witnesses.

This photo has been granted to VUFOA to use exclusively. It is not permitted to be displayed on any other website or Facebook group. Copyright breach is a serious crime and will be reported.

Copyright VUFOA 2013.


This picture is provided to VUFOA by the witness who claims it appeared on their driveway - Is it a vehicle track? Is it a mark left by a UFO? VUFOA is currently investigating this location and will report our findings, we are taking radiation readings, among other tests to see what may be revealed... we will share our results with you.

Location: Kiewa Valley ,North East Victoria

Time: noon approx

March, 2013

On a beautiful and warm day , while on a camping and fishing trip in early March 2013, the witness claimed to notice this object hovering between the trees and across the open field,at the time the witness and a friend were sitting in the car eating their lunch and looked up noticing the shiny glittering , shimmer of the object, which was very bright.

Upon noticing the object, (which was clearly visible at the time the pictures were taken) the witness got out of the car ( and using their i phone,) was only able to grab a few quick pictures of the object.

The witness tried to , switch to video mode to capture the objects hovering motion, but by the time he was ready to do so the object had disappeared straight up vertically into the air at a rapid rate of ascension and disappeared from view silently and in an instant it was gone from view.

The object appears suddenly in front of the witnesses and they were not expecting to see such a sight, the object appears to have come down close to ground level, hovering (its purpose unknown) and then after a brief time at near ground level, has risen rapidly again; whether it was alerted to the presence of the witnesses, or had completed what its intention was, it did not stay in the one spot for long, before disappearing rapidly.

The witness claims it appeared, hovered and then disappeared quickly.

There are several possibilities:

if it was an object at ground level, it could be a reflection.

it could be a CGI manipulated image - this is being tested.

The fact that the object was noticed at the time the picture was taken tends to eliminate camera error causing a flare on the image, as an “object” of description is physically recorded in the image.

(We will report our findings for your consideration when they become available)


 Copyright VUFOA 2013 : This image is granted to VUFOA for exclusive use only. It is not permitted to appear on any other website, or Facebook Group. Any breach of copyright will be reported.


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Melbourne Lights Up

The skies over Melbourne is alive with UFO activity. Seven to eight lights were seen over the Karingal Cranbourne area in South East Melbourne on the night of the 12th of May 2013. Several reports started to flood into VUFOA about this event that took place at 6.15pm. One report was from someone who has absolutely no interest in Unidentified Flying Objects but after this event admits he saw this with his own eyes and cannot expalin what it was. He advised there was no sound and they danced around each other in the sky. The witness took a photo on his IPhone which we have shown here. 

We discovered someone else had added their sighting to Twitter and then after taking video uploaded it to YouTube. Click here to watch

This comes hot on the trail of several noted sightings in similar areas over the last few months. Another report from a gentlemen located near the city took this photo.

Another report from 22nd of March in Warrandyte says "Last night the power went off" He goes on to say "In the distance were three lights strobing and sitting in one place,(remember the power is off across the area).After a few minutes another light to the East flashed bright in the sky and then dissapeared. After the power returned the strobing light also dissapeared."

The interesting thing is in several of these cases people are reporting their lights were flickering, I can confirm that during the Karingal event my lights also flickered.

There is clearly much activity in our skies so look up and observe, you might miss that one important event.

Strange craft above Melbourne - September 2013

There has been some interesting sighting above the melbourne skies lately, I had read a post on Facebook recently where a young lady had her own sighting and had done some drawings to describe it. Then I see an interesting video shot recently that reminded me of her story. We have put all the information on our website so if you would like to see more, then why not hop over to

Here are the pictures she provided

Electronic Version

Hand drawing

Here is the video shot recently