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VufoA - Tv

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Valentich 40 Presentation - 21st Oct 2018

VUFOA - TV Presents - The Hair of the Alien Melbourne Presenation 2018

The Lights - A VUFOA - TV Presentation

James Fox Melbourne Presentation 2017

VUFOA-TV presents The Dargo UFO Encounter

VUFOA presents The Conference "Westall - The Witnesses Speak"

From The Archives - Kelly Cahill Presentation, Carlton Crest Melbourne Oct 25th 1997

VUFOA - TV Interviews the design Engineer of the Westall UFO playground

Valentich - The Facts

VUFOA-TV Presents Richard Dolan Melbourne Presentation - November 2016

VufoA - Tv Interviews Richard Dolan - 8th November 2016

VUFOA-TV Presents Edge Of Reality 2015 Guest Speaker Paul Dean

VUFOA-TV Presents Edge Of Reality 2015 Guest Speaker Bill Chalker

VUFOA-TV Presents Edge Of Reality 2015 Guest Speaker Chase Kloetzke

VUFOA-TV Presents Edge Of Reality 2015 Guest Speaker Dominic McNamara

VUFOA-TV Presents Edge Of Reality 2015 Guest Speaker Sheryl Gottschall

Stanton T Friedman On IMT (In Melbourne Tonight) with Host Frankie J Holden. October 1997

VufoA-Tv Revisits The Kelly Cahill Encounter

Sneak Peak of the 2015 EDGE OF REALITY Ufology Conference

Final Wrap Up Interview with Chase Kloetzke on the Edge Of Reality Ufology Conference

Tonight Live Interview with Travis Walton and Mike Rogers

Filmed approximately 1990, both Travis and Mike were visiting Australia.

VufoA - Tv Interviews Trevor Brew - March 2015 - The Willow Grove UFO Encounter

Channel 9 news report - Saracoglu Case Endeavour Hills Feb 1992

11AM Report on Channel 7 "Scientists from the Parkes Radio Telescope"

Melbourne UFO Report Eyewitness News Channel 10 Mark Gillies

This video clip has generated a lot of interest so we have decided to include some additional information here. The event actually happened in Melbourne on the 13th October 1989. Select the button below for more details.

open report

Natasha Johnson - Eyewitness News Voronehz Report

Age Of Reason Conference - Part 1 - Paul Dean - September 2014

Age Of Reason Conference - Part 2 - Keith Basterfield - September 2014

Age Of Reason Conference-Part 3 - George Simpson - September 2014

Rhonda Rushton - Part 1 of 3 - September 2014

Rhonda Rushton - Part 2 of 3 - September 2014

Rhonda Rushton - Part 3 of 3 - September 2014

Roy & Brenda Manifold - October 2011

The Cressy UFO Incident - On Location In Tasmania 2014

Chase Kloetzke Interview - March 2014

The Burkes Flat UFO Incident - The Tale of Two Men -March 2014

Robert Schroeder Interview - February 2014

The opening of The Grange UFO Childrens Playground-December 2013

The Grange Playground - Interview with the Mayor - December 2013

Geraldine Sutton Stith - October 2013

Rosie Jones Interview - July 2013

2012 AURA Symposium In Adelaide

A Witness Interview with Leigh Hammond

Shane Ryan Interview 2012

Jason Stammers Interview - Drones vs UFO's

The Kelly Cahill UFO Incident - August 1993

Brenda Butler Interview 2011

Mary Rodwell Interview 2012

Interview with Ric Wilson - Pilot 2011

Maslin Beach UFO Incident 1993

Monica Norman 2011

Box Hill Orbs

Bendigo UFO Sighting

George Simpson Interview June 2011

Keith Basterfield Interview 2011

Podcast - Rosie Jones Interview - LNM Radio

Westall UFO Incident April 6th 1966