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August 2013 - Dr Steven Greer

Media Release

For Immediate Release


In 2013 Dr. Greer is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the strategic process of transforming our carbon-based civilisation to a long-term sustainable civilisation, using innovative sciences and technology.

As founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Dr. Greer has worked for 17 years to bring together the scientists, inventors and leaders in society to advance new clean technology energy systems.

“There have been attempts to bring this information out for over 60 years. And here we sit in 2013 with the world still burning oil and gas and coal when we have had new technologies and sciences and all the information we need, to have had a completely new civilisation.”

In Dr. Greer’s first visit to Australia, he will personally introduce his internationally ground breaking documentary film; Sirius, to a down under dedicated audience, premiering on the Gold Coast, at Bond University, Basil Sellers Theatre on Friday, August 16, 2013.

Dr. Greer, is often described as the ‘Father of the Disclosure Movement’, as he was the first to collect high level military eyewitness testimony, on camera, around the subject of extraterrestrial interaction with our planet.

“We have now over 4000 cases of extraterrestrial vehicles that have landed. 3,500 pilot cases, over 5,000 documents from the U.S. government and hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from fourteen countries that have opened up their files since ‘The Disclosure Project’ was launched 12 years ago.”

Since 2001, 24 countries have opened up their UFO files to the public, and this includes Australia.

Dr. Greer states, “The problem is not proving that UFOs exist. It’s when you begin to expose the energy and propulsion systems behind how they’re getting here. You’re talking about unveiling and entirely new science that would replace oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, public utilities and this is the 600 trillion dollar problem.”

Future plans involve Dr. Greer’s Sirius Technology Advanced Research Initiative which will be created as an open source think-tank for scientists.

“The future is here already, the technologies are here, contact is happening. I’m looking forward to presenting our up to date findings to the people of Australia in person for the first time, at the premiere of Sirius.”

Dr. Steven Greer


A lifetime member of America’s prestigious medical honour society, Alpha Omega Alpha, Dr. Greer has now retired as an emergency physician to work on these projects. He is the author of four best-selling books and multiple DVDs on the UFO and extraterrestrial subject. Additionally, he is constantly called upon to teach groups worldwide, how to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilisations, and continues his research into bringing truly alternative energy sources to the public.

Additional Media Press Kit materials and footage is available here;

This documentary film also includes clear footage of UFO craft interacting with members of CSETI, (The Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) as well as the latest scientific DNA findings around the highly controversial, Atacama Humanoid.


Friday, August 16, 2013

7PM until 9PM

Bond University on the Gold Coast

Basil Sellers Theatre

9.30PM until 11.00PM

Dr. Greer’s Presentation, The Promise of Universal Peace.

Tickets are available now at


Name: Mariana Flynn Telephone: 0410 645 53 Email: [email protected]


Sheryl Gottschall


UFO Research Queensland

P.O. Box 15222

City East, Qld 4002

[email protected]

07 3376 1780 l 0431 856 556 

Charles Hall - April 2013 Tour

Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist, ex-military American weather specialist and author is touring Australia with his claims that the United States military has been in contact with an alien species for years.

Airman First Class Charles Hall was Range Weather Observer for several gunnery ranges between 1965 - 1967. His job could have been 

plain simple if the aliens he calls the Tall Whites weren't often around, silently observing him. He was given the surname "Teacher's Pet".

He'll be in Brisbane and Sydney

Saturday, 6th April at the SMSA Mitchell Theatre, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney. 1 – 5 pm.. Cost: $35 at the door. No prior booking.